Be gorgeous!

Utilizing the latest Fluent Design System and combining the element of depth and animations, LightDays offers you a new way to remember date. It can be simple, but definitely not rudimentary.

Light & Dark Theme!

Light Dark

App theme can be changed along with system theme or you can pick the theme you love. Fluent design system can offer you a better experience.

More Interactive Animation!

Interactive animation effects improve user experience, animating every click you perform.

Customize Your Cover Events!

There are always some events you care about. Pinning your events at the most noticeable place!

Pick Your Favorite Background Image!

You can customize your background image. Acrylic materials can offer unique beauty for different images.

Auto Layout!

App layout is changing with window size, fully utilizing screen space!

Try Out Your Windows Hello!

Protecting your personal events via Windows Hello.

Live Tiles!

Utilizing live tiles to make it easy for you to check out cover events. You can continuously notice events without opening app.

Get it from Microsoft Store right now!

Get it from Microsoft Store